24 hr incubator when I need it most

RNG was not being nice to me today. I dropped almost 400 trophies and I was getting frustrated just trying to fill my last incubator spot. Against totally random teams as well. Not your typical legendaries, but over levelled commons and people getting lucky with crits. So after I FINALLY won a battle I got this and it almost made the last couple of hours worth it!


Gratz, those are the BEST!!

Me when that happens


I had same thing happen to me. I have to wait until morning to activate it because I just started an 8 hr before I received the 24 hr.

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Good news: My last 24hrs incub gave me tons of Monolopho and Rexy DNAs.
Bad news: Got ejected from the top 250 rankings to get it; but still managed to finished off the tournament on the board…:blush:

I’ve started tracking my incubators so I know precisely when I’m getting a 12 or 24 hr one. They’re one of the more achievable goals in this game for me :joy:

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My last 24 hour was disappointing, rares were not hybred ingredients, the epic dna was almost entirely Stygimoloch. The rest (<50) was alanqa

Stigy and Alanqa would be a dream for me !!! each person is different!

In the penultimate and antepenultimate 24-hour incubator, I did not find anything useful (Gryposuchus, Argentinosauro, dracorex, …) and they were a great disappointment. However, in the last one, two DNAs were very sought after by me (Monolophosaurus and Baryionix) and it was a great joy.

I didn’t mind the alanqa, would have liked more. Get to much stygi since its the only arena exclusive at my arena level.

I have been tracking my incubator cycle too, im due for a 24h within the next 15 battles ^_^!

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Thank you very much Aaron. It fits with my experience although I had not scored as many cycles.

Tracking this is a great idea!! You guys are smarter than me.

Basically you get an 8 every fifth incubator. Then overall you get 4 8s then the next is a 12, then 4 8s the next is 24, then 4 8s the next is another 12 and then wait forever until a 12 pops up again and start counting again. Hopefully you can decipher that.

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Thank you Aaron. I think I’m going to track down too. I just get my 2nd 12h before the 24h one it seems. Can’t wait .

I waited until I got a 24 hr incubator and started tracking from there. I’m 3 small cycles away from another 12 hr. The last one was rather good to me. :grin:

You get a “special” incubator every 25th incubator! 24h then 25 later you will get a 12h and then 25 after that you will get an 8h (special) and then it starts going up again!

24h > 12h > 8h > 12h > 24h and so on!

I knew about the cycles and I knew I had one coming up soon. This one was especially sweet because of the run of bad luck I was having.

I opened mine this morning and wasn’t to bad I guess. I got over 2k in raptor DNA. About the only useful DNA I needed.

nifty chart to keep track of your 12s and 24s unknown-2