24 hr incubator


Yippee!!! My first.


Don’t get ya hope up too much haha.

Hopefully it’s good though.


Oh please don’t crush my fantasy of some Trex DNA!! :joy:


Only got 24h incubators twice. First time I got it I got sooooooo excited damn


I remember my epic level of excitement. Too bad it’s since been ruined. I have never gotten a single DNA I could use to fuse hybrids I actually need in any 24 hour incubator I have gotten or even my last 2 12 hour ones for that matter. Yay… 600 purrasaurus DNA…


I hate the 15 min. incubators but love the 8, 12 & 24 hr ones.
Congratulations on your first 24 hr!


I actually get more DNA I want out of the 15 minute incubators than any others. (Mostly because I need irritator DNA but yea)


Thanks! Me too. I get at least an 8, everyday, but I’ve only ever gotten one 12.


I feel ya on da Irratator DNA! :grin:


Honestly, 24 hour incubators are incredible. If you don’t like the DNA, the coin can be mouthwatering. That being said, nearly everything I got in the one I opened last night was useful for a hybrid, and for the first time it offered me legendary DNA! Hope you love your incubator!


Thanks heaps!! I’ll let us know how I go. :grinning:


24 hour I cubator should give you more than 10 legendary dna.



just opened one:

3,8k coins
2900 dna nundasuchus [common]
1600 dna majungasaurus [common]
350 dna kaprosuchus [rare]
hold on…
4 !!! dna ankylosaurus [epic]
270 dna secodantosaurus [epic] which was the only useful


What would have been better? If we can assign the DNA we get from incubators to the Dino.


U were right about da 24 hr incubator, unfortunately! :joy: