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24hr Incubator DNA Total Not Exact

Can someone else post up their 24hr Incubator DNAs they get to see if the numbers are not adding up to the 7552 total. Supposed to be min: 397 Epics, 662 Rares, rest is common for a total of 7552. My total is 7551 and in exchange I got 398 Epics, 663 Rares. Is that how it’s always been? I just did the math first time out of curiosity. I always thought it was right and had no doubts…lol


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There may be a glitch. Gamingbeaver posted a video of him opening a 24hour incubator and he was missing a lot of epic dna. Ludia gave him the rest via mail later tho

Thanks @yukataur25. I haven’t seen anything come in after closing/reopening. I guess 1 DNA isn’t bad but it was just odd when I decided to add it up and it didn’t total correctly.

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