24hr incubator!



I finally got my first 24hr incubator!!! Can’t wait to see what I get!!!


How often do these drop from the battle? I got one myself the other day but I’ve only gotten one. I’ve seen where one theory was that you get them you don’t use the watch video or cash to do speed up any for 8 days and then you finally get one. I was wondering if this would be true or not


This doesn’t seem accurate, as people here in the forum claim they speed up lots of incubators with cash and, as a result, get a lot more 24h incubators for the obvious reason: the more incubators you go through, the more chance you have to get a 24h one.


Really? I mean I kinda of figured that 24 hour ones are really hard to come by. I mean been playing for a while and only gotten one. I just don’t know how often you get them is all. I guess every few hundred or something.


It’s probably like clash Royale one 24h every few hundred incubators


I just had my 6th one days ago ! They are awesome lots of goodies in my last one gave me a new epic dino discovered and all the DNA for two level which was a first . Best of luck with it my friend enjoy :wink:



I thought u were quiting the game


Clearly, he still hasn’t fully left. Maybe he will leave, maybe he will stay instead. On the meantime I don’t understand why there are so many people complainig about him not leaving…


I’ve only ever gotten one 24hr box, but my phone gave a low battery notification and the app crashed as I was opening it so I lost everything from that crate :cry:

Every single external interruption seems to make the game crash (sms, phone calls, phone going to sleep, push notifications, low battery notifications etc etc) so I get really paranoid about opening them now and tend to do it really fast lol.


Whoa really? I didn’t know that could happen. That sucks, sorry to hear you found out with an epic incubator, no less! Hope you get another one soon :<


Haha thanks! There was some epic swearing to go with the epic loss, but I’m just happy it didn’t happen with one I spent money on! I make a point not to open the crates now unless I have a good amount of battery and I’m not expecting interruptions :grinning:


It was just a question


Obviously the thread wasn’t re read but that’s fine lol I’m definitely not playing like I was I cancelled all subscriptions and any money I use for leveling what I have is what I’m using until I see changes . Anyhow does it matter lol

Changed the title name of thread as a joke the other day but no one noticed lol

DinoLord out


Yes I see that a lot on iOS I lose internet and it crashes but hasn’t happened when doing anything but battling causes me to be booted and lose matches because it can’t re sinc itself! Sorry to hear that happened !



@dinolord please don’t leave the game.
I envy your mons. Love Eini so much. Good defense and offense too.
But takes ages to level it up…:pensive:


Yea I’m not leaving already told everyone I’ll be around still ! Just not paying to play till updates are made . Also not really on as much just incubators mostly ! No more hour long rides per day grabbing DNA lol



Wondering what changes you have seen since then? Less rare and epics?
Thinking the same as you, fun game and paying $10 bucks a month is one thing, but not sinking $100 a month. I mean who has that kind of time and money?


Had one 24 hr incubator only
It gave
8842 coins
Dracorex gen 2 (common 2952 DNA)
Sarcosuchus (common 1784 DNA)
Kaprosuchus (rare 135 DNA)
T Rex Gen 2 (rare 256 DNA)
Spinosaurus Gen 2 (epic 107 DNA)
T Rex (epic 118 DNA)

As a low level player this was a real boost to my collection and helped me level up
Hoping I get another one as its a huge boost for us players at single digit levels


Looking at the post about not speeding up incubators, I have never sped one up and have been playing almost since the start and have yet to get a 24 hour! Only have had a couple of 12 hour ones so I think it is luck, like a 5% chance or something like that. Also I’m on IOS and my notifications don’t crash my game out luckily. I think I can point out that battles can resync themselves because I once got kicked out of game during a battle then rebooted the game up when I got in it took me to battle screen where I was 2-1 down with my indominus out. Won that battle still :grimacing::grimacing:


my opinion depends on the length of the war and the damage done / received.