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25% * 4 = 99.9%

Hi Ludia,

So… the rend and bleed which do 33.3 got changed to 33.4. Can we also change the 25% abilities to be 25.01%. I have had several games where double Cleanse & Swoop leaves the enemy on 1 HP. And sometimes it doesn’t. It should either always kill them (please yes) or never kill them (please no). Having it random is almost more annoying.


That might be a bug or glitch.

It is not a glitch. If a creature’s HP is an odd number, for example 4001, each 25% bleed deals 1000, resulting in the creature surviving with 1 HP. If the HP is for example 4003 though, each turn of 25% bleed deals 1001 DMG, dealing 1 HP more than needed to kill the creature. These are just rounding issues. I agree ludia should fix them though.

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