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25 level vs 26-30 level (not much difference)


My „dino team“ reached level 25+ and with battling, I don’t see much difference between those of level 25 and 26-30, except the speed advantage… so I don’t see why leveling dinos above 25?
I am now collecting coins and DNA but not leveling up anymore because I don’t see the goal doing that anymore


I personally prefer stopping at 26. Being a friendly battle level and all, it just feels more natural.

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I think you just answered your own question… The speed advantage! Plus the extra damage inflicted and the additional HP can always come in handy! Have lost many battles with both my opponents’ remaining dinos hanging by the skin of their teeth, below 100 HP…


Check the health/attack of a level 25 Tryko versus a level 30. That’s why you level up.


Don’t know about those levels since mine are at 22-23… but it makes a pretty darn difference when I face opponents 4 levels higher!

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your team will plateau sooner. it matters in the arenas. i hear what you are saying and your team may very well put up a fight but they wont go very far. especially if you are using the same dinos that everyone else is.


Depending what counters you have i mean a level 21 monostego can beat a 28 indo or level 20 utasino can beat a 26 utarinex but if you want to progress further you have to have higher level dinos or you just say in same trophy bracket


Makes it about 50% more likely to need 3 shots to kill, rather than 2. That’s huge!


I can take it easy when I see low level Dinos. 200 extra health or 400 extra damage might not seem like much. Good luck taking down 28’s when you have 26’s. You might not see much difference l, but the other guy is probably re-wallpapering his room while giving you a wedgu.


5% each level simple. People that say “it” works better at higher levels don’t understand math or are stating the simple fact that all dinos are better at higher levels.