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250 Fuses question?

How can you do 250 fuses of a common if there is a max of 250,000 dna but it takes 500,000 dna to do 250 fuses for a unique? And does anyone know what the max for a rare is?

The max you can hold for a common is 500k DNA. To fuse 250 times on a unique is unnecessary since 250 fuses gives 5k DNA and uniques only need 3k to go from lvl 21 to lvl 30.


Lol I just do that anyways

Idk I think this is edited it’s not mine found it

Which unique do you want to waste 2k of its DNA on?

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I have done this before. Lucky fusion. Though that is a Rare.

Uniques need 3k DNA only to be lvl 30 so anything more is wasting DNA.

So, you just want to fuse it 100 times. But, then you need to get 30 each fuse. I would do the 250 on something I don’t need any dna of. If I did need them, then I wouldn’t risk it.

Thor duh

If Ludia adds another Rarity above Unique, that DNA could actually come in handy.

Well, the max DNA you can get for a 250 multi-fuse would be 25,000(250*100). So it could be legit.

Its possible just very unlikely. I got it 1 to 2 times for some random hybrids i was grinding DNA for alliance missions. One of those easy to find ingredient for like Diplotator or Suchatator

The average total for 250 fuses is 5550 DNA, so 6000 isn’t all that much higher in the grand scheme of things.