2500 gems / $25 for a legendary?

I check the game and seen their new special 2 for one but if it’s not on special then it’s 2500 gems roughly converted to $25 for one legendary item? Or is it never in the store without it being 2 for 1?

Either way I seen that and couldn’t stop laughing.

Let’s say your one of those sad P2W people who likes those games theirs no leader boards here, PVP from what people say has fill in bots or lags so you can’t even brag about P2W your way to the top there.

Game caps at level 20 and once your through the main story here and unlock all the challenge dungeons that’s it nothing more to do other than PVP.

I miss anything?

Anyone play any of this companies other games ? Not interested in them to play but wonder if those are set up like this with the P2Play model as bad as this game is?

Maybe play out last 700 gems and 7K gold call it good.

I get the game has a quick ending so you need to get money for your game before people hit max level with nothing to do but maybe you should have thought of ways to extend it’s play mean in garbage neverwinter you can go to level 80 so their are ways around the level 20 thing when it comes to non pnp D&D games.

I did enjoy the game but the short game, and nothing but paywalls ( pay to play) to force progression slow down rather then thinking of ways to extend your game before someone hits the empty fields of max level is ridiculous.

I am sure part of the money must be for the licences to the IP but still this was a joke even compared to epic trash pay games like darkness rising or what ever it was.

Also why was this game preregister if it has been out for months or over a half year ??

Anyway least I will still say your not the worst trashing of the IP perfect scam with neverwinter holds right to that ranking.

Might want to figure out some ways to extend the life of this game here so your not turning people away by having to have such ridiculous paywalls starting out but people pay for this game so till they are not you don’t need to change anything.

I know this us a mobile game but maybe look at Path Of Exiles ( POE) company showed you can but out a true F2P game just make it good and people will spend a ton of money just on cosmetics to support the game, point is if you put out a quality game first then charging for things after people will happily spend put out a cash grab ok game you get not many who will pay or if it’s so blatantly obvious it’s a cash grab people will just pass or leave in a few days.

Might not want to do that also in a platform that has such a easy refund request format as well.