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27 blue?


Jesus, highest I’ve fought is level 20

That’s actually a little scary looking.

Yeah i didnt know it was possible.

I’ve faced 25lvl Blue. Would really like to have one

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How did they get so much of Blues DNA? There haven’t been enough events to have gotten that much :crazy_face:.

That being said, if mine was even level 15 she’d be on my team in place of Utahraptor :joy:

One of the top players did have a level 27 blue in their team a while ago, no idea how they got so much dna

I seen level 25.

We’ve had at least 3 events I think. If they finished pretty high season 1 they got a few thousand more

Could have also faced a bot possibly…

You can get it in random incubators too.

Champion of first tournament got 5000 BLUE DNA, 2nd got 4000.
I think that’s why.:thinking:

Also, they sold time limited epic incubators contain BLUE for many times.
I didn’t bought any of them, but for those whales :whale2:

now that i think about though… the OP has a level 19 pyrritator so probably in arena 8 i would guess. the top 3 season 1 are all in the top 5 or 10 this tournament. odds are they would not be matched up. so it was someone else probably.