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2month to 1%

hi, I used 2 month to reach the top 1% of tournament and always the 1% since then, I was grade 53 when I won my first 1% tournament , and now I am 60 .

I extremely enjoy the moment when I use small Dino to win big rivals…I really like the feeling…

Actually, it was 50 days for me to win the first 1% tournament…now, I have won 5 or 6 1%, never miss one…

Congratulations on getting on dominator several times, it is indeed a good feeling, and it’s better if the prize is a creature you don’t have unlocked.
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The first dominator I won was type 2 boar croc, and I won every dominator since then including a hybrid big sea monster and a vip dominator. Off course I need all of them , cos I just started playing this game since January

Now I have 157 free Dino to hatch…

Kaprosuchus Gen 2?


I don’t know the English name of the dinos, my app is a Chinese version.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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how long you have been playing this game? And when did you win your first dominator award?

I am a Chinese , so off course I prefer my mother language. Can’t understand why some non-English races prefer speaking English…

English is global. Second i envy you a lot for your dom wins.

Okay! Well I’ve been playing since February 2020 and my first Dominator win was Styxosaurus bracketed tournament.