2nd Community Design Challenge Winner: Saurosireas!

Welcome again forum goers, it’s come time again for a new community design contest! As before, all are more than welcome to check out the great artists over on the JWA Artwork thread, there’s many many talented people here and they are always updating with new projects!

The theme of this Challenge is:

Will it scare the kids?
These creations have been designed to incorporate large theropod DNA with raptor DNA to create a new genetically modified hybrid in the vein of Indominus Rex. They’ve all been given free rein of dinosaurs in or not included in the game, so there’s some really interesting combos that got put together! A second portion of the challenge was to create a unique ability for their hybrid akin to Indominus’s Cloak, so there was a lot of room for creativity to shine!

The artists notes of their creations moves and behavior will either be included in their own words beneath their art, or on the art itself.

I regret being considered over the other amazing submissions, but I’m also very honored my submission is the people’s choice. Thank you all who voted and especially those who put in the work to put out some amazing creations!

Your winner:
Saurosireas yughesti

And my bio:


Siats meekerorum+Microraptor zhaoinanus

Saurosireas yughesti- “Ghostly Feathered Lizard Siren


HP: 4050
Attack: 1300
Speed: 116
Crit: 20%

Shield Advantage
Cleansing Impact

Ravage: 2.25X Armor Piercing Damage, Heal self 35% Delay: 1, Cooldown: 2

The combining of Siats with Microraptor DNA has resulted in a dangerously intelligent, highly flexible 9 meter carnivore with an affinity for climbing. It’s aided in climbing by its inherited megaraptorid claws and opposable 4th digits on its hands and feet. A unique trait developed from rattlesnake genes causes the hybrid to collect shed scales to its feathered tail, that it then shakes in an odd rhythmic pattern high in redwood trees. Once prey is enticed to investigate they are ambushed from above. Genes from jellyfish allow a second method of prey attraction with bioluminescent spots on the neck. Thus taking after its namesake, the mythical siren, drawing prey in by beauty of sound and sight only to end in their demise.

And our 2nd place, who I consider the real winner, @Tuophysis and his Diabolus aqua!

And their insight into their creation:


Name ; experiment 60N9AY8, trial 309, proper name ;diabolus aqua (water devil)

Health 3900
Attack 1300
Armour 10%
Crit 20%
Speed 122


Definite strike
Lock down impact
Defence Shattering rampage
Shock Absorber
(Priority, ignore all effects of your opponenta attacks including damage(unless nulifed) for 1 turn. Next attack does 1.5x more damage) cooldown 3

Dr Henry Wu’s diary entry 500

Finally, the genetic code for Diabolus Aqua has been perfected. After months we have found the perfect balance of Baryonyx and Buitrerapor DNA, along with other bits thrown in to compete the genetic code. Diabolus Aqua posses some unique traits as well, allowing it to hunt and kill it’s prey successfully, whilst protecting itself from the defences of its food. Due to some trial and error, we discovered that Diabolus Aqua’s genetic code requires some DNA from the pebble toad in order to function properly, the reason for this is unknown, but due to this, this Spinosaur hybrid has inherited a unique trait. To escape prey, the pebble toad can tense it’s muscles up and bounce down the side of a rock, unharmed. The reason for this is because the toad is falling at such a speed and it is so light, it bounces of the rock before it can feel anything. Diabolus Aqua inherites this trait, but instead of having to bounce down cliffs to use it, as soon as it just tenses up, it is temporarily resistent to any kind of attacks. This hybrids aquatic abilities have also been enhanced due to added crocodilian DNA, resulting in a faster reflexes in water, faster swimming speed ,more capable at catching fish. Also, on the top of this creatures back, an area of scales have thickened, providing some armour. Whilst naturally territorial, this seems to escalate significantly when in water. I have many buyers interested and the bids will start tommorow. They need not know that raptor DNA is included, we don’t want them to have second thoughts now do we, as Diabolus Aqua is terribly intelligent.

Here’s our other contestants:


@Leegsma22 had the master pack hunting Venandi Rex

And their hybrid creation notes:


Venandi Rex

Albertosaurus epic (lvl15) + deinonychus rare (lvl15)

Stats lvl26
Damage 1400
Health 4000
Speed 109
Critical 10%
Armor 0%


Speed up strike
Distracting impact
Defence shattering rampage
Close in
Armor piercing counter

Close In
A special pack hunting ability
More venandi rex come in and close in the opponent
Cooldown 3
Prevent opponent to swap out for 3 turns
Increase damage by 50% for the next 2 turns
Increase Critical chance by 50% for the next turn
Its name means King of the hunting.
It is called like that because of the ultimate hunting abilities of the venandi rex.
It is mixed with some lion and wolf DNA so it could retract its claws (lion) and got better smell and hearing (wolf).
And because all the animals it got its DNA from are pack hunters, the venandi rex is the ultimate pack hunter.

@Erlikg2 had the incredibly unique Achillocarcharia that hunts even though it’s blind!

With their creation thoughts:


Achillobator + Carcharadontosaurus


Stats at lvl 26
Hp 5250
Dmg 1700
Speed 108
Crit 30%
Armor 0%

Greater stunning rampage
Distracting strike
Savage predatorial instincts- Deal 2× damage. Bypass cloak, shields, and armor. Remove positive effects. Delay 1. Cooldown 2

There is no bio for this creature, since all records of its existence were erased after it mysteriously vanished. All but one.

Dr. Anonymous: The public is absolutely
annoying. The Achillocarcharia is blind! It doesn’t have pupils! It senses its surroundings thanks to that forked tongue. The only reason it becomes more active during dusk is that’s when it likes to feed. And a 70 foot long CARNIVORE is almost always going to be a little unpredictable when there’s food! You know what Masrani, if you care so much about your park’s “reputation” then count me out. I q…

And he went silent

Followed by @Slogokok34 and their beastly Berserkeraptor

And his insight into his creation:


Berserkeraptor (Saurophaganax+Dakotaraptor)
rarity: legendary
health: 2700
attack: 1620
speed: 129
armor: 20%
ctritical chance: 10%

critical impact (deal 1.5x damage, increase critical chance by 40%-cooldown:2)
invincibility pounce (deal 2x damage, reduce opponents attack by 50%, become invincible for 1 turn-cooldown:1)
defense shattering impact (deal 1.5x damage, bypass armor and shield stats-cooldown:1)

passive: immunity

this hybrid combines the streghthening bite force of the Saurophagonax with the agility of its raptor parent, the razor feathers of the tail and arms provide this hybrid a unique defesive attack!

So which design did you like the best? Keep both the beautiful designs and move sets in mind when placing your votes. All the artists worked hard on their submissions, and will be valued as such :grin:

  • Leegsma22’s Venandi Rex
  • Erlikg2’s Achillocarcharia
  • Slogokok34’s Berserkeraptor
  • Tuophysis’s Diabolus aqua
  • Dinomaster’s Saurosireas

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It is so hard to choose, I love all of them!

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How do you participate in turning in your drawings? I would love to share ny sketches if I knew how.

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@J.C, @Ren, could you pin this thread like you did last time

This goat is the most scared creature I have ever seen. Thank you, Lydia for including this in your game.


I thought about it a bit late, but the counter atack of my venandi rex should chance to a medium or minor counter.
Because its damage is to high for a 1× counter

So true, they should change it to have a smiling face.

All the ideas are super!!!

When will the results be shown?

Thanks for the pin @Sara, thats gonna help a lot

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You are very welcome!

I have already placed my vote, good luck to everyone taking part.


On sand dunes discord, I have also encouraged anyone with a forums account to vote

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We’d love to see your creations! I’ll try and find a more open way of inviting all to participate for sure next time

Here’s the link to where we were all at this time where you are more than welcome to share your projects :smile: :

JWA Artwork!


Thanks again @Sara!

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Sunday afternoon around 2:00 PM EST

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Curious about who wins!!




just be alert for a challenge announcement on the JWA artwork! thread and when @DinoMaster3000 sends the rules draw it and DM him

Everyones art is amazing