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2nd day running

No green supply drops within the 200 metre radius of my house. the area that i live is in lockdown due to covid just wondering where they have gone and why? just 1 is all we need to get rewards from green supplies or break the lockdown rules and drive around collecting them now ! which i won’t do so please Ludia can you make a geeen supply drop accesible within any 200 metre radius i’ve got 14 orange ones no green ones !!! many thanks Andy

I’m sorry that there are no green supply drops within your vicinity, @Dinodaddy. However, we do not have control over the spawn points of supply drops. Hopefully, there will be one that will spawn close to your location soon enough. Thank you for understanding!

with the recent map update, ludia shrunk this little road, but kept the original supply drops.

Then they added these new roads, and yet no new supply drops. What the heck is that about? Seems really unfair.

It is just me or others also noticed that we have fewer green supply drops on the map. I’m struggling to find them. This is so disappointing.