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2nd Legendary!


Behold, Monostegotops! A great beast, thanks to Ludia staff for making Monolophosaurus an event creature!


Congrats! A great indoraptor counter and overall versatile dino!


Well not until it’s at equal levels which is still a way off but a great Dino. Wish I’d gone for this one instead of Monomin:/


It doesn’t have to be at equal levels. For Irex, it actually has to be higher. But I beat the level 30 strike tower Indor with my level 22 Monostego. Without crits, I have taken out level 26 and 27 easily. Even when they have the DSR set up.


I put him on my team at created level when the rest of my team was 20’s+…he has totally held his own. Just leveled him to 18 today and definitely much better. Just don’t count his low level out.


? You lost me a bit there. I could be mistaken but I do believe you need to be equal levels to beat Indoraptor considering it’s used by a competent opponent. 2 moves of 1.5 damage is exactly equal to Indoraptors health. Although I think you have to guess on Nullify or slow first?


Slow, stun, nullify but the stun has to work and it doesn’t happen a lot to me lately


Such a great event week got my monostego some lvls and unlocked the dilocheirous beast and lvled it a bit too! Thanks big L


Same here , lvl my monostego to 19 and unlock dilora but can’t lvl him up due to great luck in fusing (many many 10s) so I’m stuck at 95/100 for lvl 17.




Slow first, as after DSR Monostego can’t survive another hit from Indoraptor. Monostego can be one lvl lower to survive DSR crit.


As others have said. Slow, stun, nullify. Yes, the stun has to land, but that’s 3 1.5 moves when it does. And I usually have at least 1 crit if I’m lucky. While it is reliant on the stun, I believe it is one of the more reliable counters out there.


Exactly. I love my monostego. Best counter for indoraptor from my team.
I also soloed with my 23lvl monostego 30lvl indo strike tower.


Yep. This just happened to me actually. I stupidly spent all my DNA on Monomin.


Now here is my 4th, now going for Tyrannolophosaur!


Tyrannolop is amazing! I wanted to just keep leveling it and not even go after it’s unique but had to stop at 21 because dilo 2 is so hard to get.


Nice! Trago is really cool :ok_hand: