2nd lvl 40 segnosuchius or gorgosucheus?

Do you think I should spend my DNA on a second lvl 40 segno or gorgo? Based on my current battle roster which do you think I need more?

Wow, a 6 day cool down?


Yup the Pachygalosaurus has the longest cool down in the game based on it having the highest health for a creature in the game.

Not sure @Too_qik what your lineup looks like after this screen shot but really either would help, if it was me I might lean towards the Segnosuchus but that would be for its much faster cooldown.


If I had the resources that you have I would not waste a thought on this. I would simply make them both.


Cool down isn’t a problem for me since I just speed it up.

I prefer the Gorgosuchus.

I’m thankful that my lineup has become more balanced and deeper that I no longer have to speed up cool downs to stay in or lately at the top of Dominator.