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2nd of October and got Brachiosaurus?

Hi it’s the 2nd October and I still got Brachio as a daily mission reward??

It resets on the first Monday of the month because, well… Ludia.


Then the text shouldn’t be: “all month”… but I guess they’ll just adjust that now :see_no_evil:

you still get a whole month.

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Nope, we get 4 weeks. If it were to start the 1st I’d would have been almost 5 :wink:

I’m not complaining I’ll take all the brachi I can get.

It probably changes with the seasonal tournament.

Most months we get 4 weeks… the way mondays fall and all…if im gonna get a extra week of sometjing id rather it be brachy then ptera

Hope forn good December dino cause thats our next 5 weeker