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2nd VIP countdown?

My timer for Franz/Ingrid expired yesterday so does that mean there’s another brand new character being released?

I think the count down just shows the time until they become available for none ViPs.

I remember when Felicia was released I didn’t see her for a couple of days after the countdown expired before I finally matched with her.

I’m wondering if there’s another character being released maybe Skye

If they are releasing a new character soon, I have a feeling that seen as it’s still Pride Month that it could be Nico, another Non-Binary character and their counterpart. :rainbow_flag:

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I now have a third VIP countdown :roll_eyes:

This happend to me too. I think it’s a bug. I’m waiting for Franz but only ever Ingrid keeps popping up.

Apparently there’s a new character being released probably Nico/Queen B

Then, according to those countdowns, there should be three new character sets? But why do we keep missing the counterpart we are looking for? :thinking:

It would be nice if they release more new characters. But I still think that what’s happening to us (both) might be a bug. Or it’s their subtle way telling us to upgrade to VIP. :joy:

I had VIP early on canceled it