2nd week of July showcase


Seems the sequence of events has been changed for this week too.
3 days:9-Jul to 11Jul (Total 36 attempts) for 3 Commons: Tarbosaurus, Ankylosaurus Gen2, Apatosaurus
3 days:12-Jul to 14Jul (Total 15 attempts) for 3 Rares: Argentinosaurus, Amaragasaurus, Nodosaurus
1 day: 15Jul (Total 3 attempts??) for 1 Epic/Hybrid: Nodopatosaurus

Note: The event day starts around 10:15am EST US and continues till 9:15am EST past the ending day. There might be a gap of 1hr at the end where you won’t see the dinos before next set of dino spawns.
Also, though the in-app notification might say “Today is Tarbosaurus…”, you can catch either of the 3 during all 3 days. You need to look at the right park to find the one you are looking for. Smaller parks sometimes spawn just one of the types.

Featured creature?

well pretty gutted with the first few dinos of this week as they’re common as muck around here and no point evolving as it’s just pure coin wastage now, but happy about trying now to get my Armagagaur and Nodo to lv15 for the legendary, that Gigaspikasaur looks epic


Yeah, common is common for some people in some areas…but don’t write them off too quickly. That Apatosaurus, in particular, is gonna be crucial for getting Nodopatosaurus and Gigaspikasaur.


Dont write that tarbosaurus out either! That guy can pack a punch!


Why can’t it just be one Dino for one day?!


Are you stupid? You’d rather be forced to get 12 of each instead of being able to choose any combination of the 3 totalling 36? The only useful common in these events to connect is apatasaurus. It’s the only useful hard to find common dino in game. There is no downside to this new format compared to before

edit: who are the idiots reporting this message?


Hard to find … well, there are so many parks here and countless Apatos in them here. So I’ll probably skip the first three days (or just take a few along my way, but won’t waste much time for them).

But I can really need some more Nodosaurus/Amargasaurus for the Hybrid and Gigaspika finally.


I spend tons of times in parks and can never get enough apatasaurus. You need tens of thousands of it’s DNA. It’s used in all the decent tanks.

Apatasaur tanks are the best counters to indominus


I am 100% happy with this week’s selection :slight_smile:


But I already have several thousands of Apato DNA and no real use. I see 30x Apato a day anyway.


Thanks a lot, bro.:joy:

I don’t think I am common as muck, actually as a local spawn creature, only 25% players can see me around their place.:thinking:


I have to say, I’m quite pleased with this week’s showcase, especially considering a 12hr incubator aided in getting me my Nodopatasaurus this morning. Argentinosaurus is really good too; got some nice bulk with that HP and can survive quite a lot of punishment.


Well okay then!


I’m sorry mate haha I’m not saying you’re not amazing but there seems to be a healthy amount round here :wink::rofl:


not too far off, @Tarbosaurus see I levelled her up and took care, she holds her own with the allosauras and trex mind due to her critical :blush:


cool, but its not like tarbosaurus or ankylosaurus gen 2 are even remotely useful for anything. stegodeus and gigaspikasaur are both great tanks and both need tons of apatasaur dna. i spend all day hunting apatasaur dna and cant get enough to keep up with the number of nodosaurus i find to combine into nodopatasaurus.


Perhaps they can add a drop down when you click on your # of attempts so you can see which Dino’s have certain attempts done.

13/32 attempts
3 - tab
8 - ankylo
2 - apat

It would only show the attempts per Dino when you click on the word attempts.



have only ever seen 1 nodosaurus outside of an incubator lol trading DNA would be good, like you used to with the Age of Empires games, 100 common for 10 rare sort of thing


I envy you.
I see very few Nodosaurs.


Yes, Nodosaurus is a problem, but Apato isn’t in my city. Almost as common as V-Raptor.