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2v2 battles coming soon?

Could Ludia be working on these? I’ve noticed that all of the swap-in moves have very specific ‘targets’.

Like Andrewtops’ swap-in: Target: Fastest. Unable To Swap for 2 turn(s)
…or Scorpius’ swap-in: Target: Highest Damage. Reduce Damage By 50.0% for 1 turn(s), 2 attack(s)

There’s no way to use a swap-in move during a raid battle, which is the only time you’d need to modify that information. Otherwise, surely you’d just leave that text out, when it has no relevance, or at least default it to one specific type?

Could this be placeholder text for a future game mode they’re working on?


Additional game modes were hinted at in the 2.0 notes. I also noticed that some swap-in abilities have had raid functions since the launch of 2.0. Swap-in Invincibility taunts for some reason.

Yeah it’s possible, but it also might just be a coding requirement or oversight. Like @Par said swap in shielding moves usually taunt, which has no purpose in 1v1. But those have been in the game since 2.0, so these moves may not actually mean anything. It would make Andrewtops’ swap in more useful at least (even though targeting the fastest dino would make it more likely to attack a cunning, who usually have swap prevention resistance).

Yeah i always wondered why we have escape or swap in abilities in raids when we aren’t able to use them

So to clear confusion: Target: the guy in front of you.