2v2 would be a fun pvp mode

This game used many of the same pieces that clash Royale did back when it was created. One thing that game has that I enjoyed was 2v2. Yes, there are things to work through (speed ties) but team combat is already in the game (raids). Dunno how feasible, but would be fun. First to take down maybe 6 dinos? Idk.


Like pokemon🤮

:man_shrugging: never got into pokemon.

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Do you mean 2 players take on 2 players with a full deck each?

If so then that would facilitate something I’ve always wanted which would be alliance battles.


Yep. I’d love to see alliance v alliance in some fashion.


Me too!
I hope that’s will be added at some point


Alliance V Alliance will be really awesome for… 5% of the alliances out there. The rest of us will just get annihilated unless it’s set up on equal levels (aka skill tourney style).

I mean it does sound interesting but assuming the rewards for the winners are much more than those for the losers, it’s only going to serve to make the rich richer.

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At least it would give swap in attacks with Taunt (like swap in defense) a reason to exist :sweat_smile: (assuming you could swap your dinos out).


I agree 2v2 would be fun meybe in 3.8? Because it seems like ludia are too lazy to even start working on it any Time soon :expressionless:

I definitely think this would be a cool and fun idea
Group moves would be more even useful and taunt would actually serve a purpose outside of raids