2x coin event. 2700max

2700 coin max seems a bit low. especially with a 4000x2 coin reward on a 20 roll.

You can go over the max when the bonus is gold. So if you roll the 20, your gold reward won’t be capped. You’ll get the full amount.

The event is also only for 24 hours. The last 2x coin event went for 48 and had a much higher gold cap (which I fully exploited).

i know but it kinda sucks if you olay once, get lucky and cant play for tge next 24 hours lol.
i tend to take a lot of “non double reward” rewards so i can play the chalenge longer wuthout finishing it.

Not complaining. Any time I can get more gold I am happy. I actually had enough for a whole week after last weekend’s event.