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2x MUST HAVE *Common* Items + Bonus!

Hey - there is always alot of contention about strategy, item rarity and what should we get or ignore. The following Two COMMON Items are MUST HAVE and beat out their counterparts by a long shot. They are ACCESSORIES< which means they provide PASSIVE (non-activated buffs). The Heroes are CLERIC and FIGHTER. These items at high levels are GAME CHANGERS:


QUAFF: At Max level (increases by 25% per major upgrade) It auto restores your tank - meaning it will ALWAYS clear all negative effects, EVERY TURN and is a common item!!! Do not disregard this gem, its a wondrous item for sure!


Next up, is the COMMON Ring for Halbenet (Cleric) It heals you, EVERY time you get hit…every time, yes, every time, and scales to the damage being dealt, effectively, you take 50% LESS DAMAGE on your HEALER. Get this, dont look back.

Now for our bonus item, check this common out:


This is a Hit or Miss awesome item. I call it the sniper hood. His other option is his Epic Hood, as it does aoe push, but I loveeee this common. In pvp, many times, he will be so far back, that only an opposing melee toon will be in range, and it hits that one 4 times. You can also begin with it as an opener in pvp, and get lucky and kill some squishys fast. Its optional, but amazing, and I use it religiously instead of its rarer counterparts with much success! Great in pve as well!


This is also good news, as most of the other commons are not comparable to their rarer counter parts, therefore - you can sell off the rest of your stuff for GOLD :slight_smile:


Someone in another thread reminded me of another amazing, optional common item. This is the Warlock Hat option:


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Please Keep Posting :pray: Stuff Like This, As It Is Very, VERY Useful Information,
I Myself ,Gaining A Lot From It!!!
Thanks Again For This Vital Information!!! @Xx_YESPA_xX :+1:

I Too Think Most People Get The Impression That Legendary Is Better,
Guess What, Momma Was Wrong!.. No Momma Was Rite, Your Rong !!!
Eraarreewwwrrraawww!!! LoL, Water Sucks, It Really, Really, Sucks,Sucks, Sucks!:grin: Got To Love The Water-Boy!!! :joy:

Another common I use mostly just in the forge dungeon is Tommus helm. The reason I use it is because in the forge you need to hit him as hard as you can and as fast as possible. 375% damage I think.

Nice! Yea I considered it, but the epic counterattack helm is generally more useful. I dont find bringing Tommus to Forge being effective, but a new player might, great suggestion :slight_smile: Too bad his base attack is so low though. Fun for fighter aspect tho!