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2x MUST HAVE *Rare* Items + Bonus 2!

I hope you enjoyed my previous topic on must have common items! This review covers 4 unique RARE quality items that most certainly beat out their counterparts in 2 of them, and 2 others shine in many situations and worth mentioning!

#1 Item:


This item (unless you are VERY lucky and have high level legendary feet) Is a MUST have for any good Wizard fighting party. One level lower restores a single random ability that is on cooldown. This is especially fun to use if you have the Disintegrate spell, generally it always procs meaning you can have disintegrate up every 2nd turn…ouch!

#2 Item:


This item is invaluable in most scenarios in pvp, and in harder pve content. She has this a sa passive, meaning it randomly procs at the start of each of her turns. No clicking, it just randomly heals people. Her legendary is technically more useful at times, but this item takes the cake in my opinion - more healing, especially click free healing, the better. Great for when stun or immobilized or disarmed etc as well!

Now for our subjectively awesome Rare items:

#3 Item


This kit is especially useful when you have the legendary KILL hat for rogue, as it requires the rogue to be invisible to proc the special kill effect. Its subjective otherwise if missing said item, but 3 turn stealth can keep your rogue alive and untargetable for quite enough time to do serious damage…

#4 Item


This item is the Warlocks Rare weapon selection. of course the legendary is great, and the epic has a range of three (this only range is two) BUT I use this strictly in pvp ALL the time. Why? because after you AOE immobilize the team, you can PUSH back all the targets you select with this weapon. meaning I push the tanks and melee characters to the back row, pick off their casters, and let the fire do the rest. Fun Fun!!!

Well thats all for this review! What Rares if any do you prefer to use?