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2x rewards

@Ned can you tell us why this hasn’t been fixed please? It’s 15hrs since the issue was raised and VIP are STILL not getting correct double coins from normal supply drops. Will VIP players be compensated for this? I myself missed out on 7k coins and 15 cash yesterday. Its unbelievably frustrating


New week new issues!

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@Ned @Eugene Yesterday there was a glitch that was giving us boosts from the Orange drops, which Ludia fixed in about 20 minutes because it benefitted the players. Since then, about 18 hours, those of us with VIP are getting shafted with minimal coins and HC from those drops. As a VIP player for almost 3 years, this is unacceptable. Ludia always jumps on a fix if it negatively affects them, but they could care less about the people paying the bills.

P.S. my support ticket has gone unanswered in 16 hours.


Not defending them, because they greatly messed up but it’s just about 8am here, so the last few hours have been night time on the east coast of North America…

Thanks, I live in North Carolina. It has STILL been 18 hours and no answer from them

Mines busted too still20210308_133140


since the change to the St Patrick day, the supply drops spend very small amount of coins. I am Vip and i should get more then max 251 and most times 125 coins from a short range supply supply drop. Many reports from other players too. @ned?


Same. It looks to me it’s Grinch day more st. Patrick’s day. Very frustrating

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Honestly believe they just disabled VIP benefits by mistake :roll_eyes:

Another day — another bug

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This sucks

I’m on the final day of my VIP trial, really don’t see the point of transferring to subscription with these pathetic new St Pat’s coin levels.

Bad timing Ludia!

I don’t know if that was intentional or not but I paid for VIP to get more coins/darts so this is unacceptable.

I still have no reply from the support and the bug doesn’t seem to be fixed…

It’s typical, they promise a week full of extra coins and what we get is less than normal.

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Anyone else also not getting any of the event dinos?

I am based out of India, and I am facing the same issue. I am a VIP cutsomer and after spinning a zillion supply drops I have only managed 3k, otherwise 15k/day used to be the norm for me. Even the treasure chests are gicing out 125/150 coins despite being extremely close to them. Ludia please fix this!! We cant go an entire week like this!! I have raised an issue to support but yet to hear back :frowning:

So I’m a vip player and you all know that vip account is so crappy that it should be worth 3 bucks per month… The only worth about vip is enhanced supply drops that help you clear them easily and quickly and that’s why I actually keep my vip account…
Since the new event reset I get non vip supply drops… I contacted ludia and so did my allies since I’m not the only one facing this bug…Almost 24 hours later and still nothing…


I’m facing this bug too, it needs sorting asap. Maybe someone should start a thread titled “I keep getting incubators with free boosts every 5 minutes!!!” - someone would read that one. :wink:


I canceled my vip for now… Many of my allies have already done so as well… I think we should all stop buying anything for a while. Remember the store bug? They dropped an instant update to fix it. That’s what hurts ludia. If they lose their income they’ll either have to fix the game or cancel it.

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