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3-0 in no time with this simple trick

Hey folks,

I tell you now the easy way to get incubators fast and let your enemies rage quit in no time.

Are you ready? Lets go ahead and use this simple trick


Right its that easy. Just put 56000 hc (430€ based on the “best” deal you can get in the store)
Into your level 30 unique (also works with some epics and legendarys).

Now laugh at your enemies and get that sweet trophies you desire.

(On a serious note, nice level 30 magna.)


I could probably use Erlidom’s rampage against it if by lvl 30 it can rampage 5241+ on T18 A or survive 2 turns with T10 hp.

Imma try and max boost Carbonemys

Ok I 'll do the same with Gemini oh wait…

I literally just unlocked Magna today… think i’m a little way off from lvl 30. :joy:

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You can try with Procerat this guy is easy to level up :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha true, but ProceRat may get a superhybrid one day so I won’t be leveling it past lvl 15.