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3.0 release date

Next month we will get 2.7 wich is a minor update. It probably contains 4 dinosaurs some hybrids and probably a few balancings.
2.8 wich will probably release around may 21st because that’s the release date for camp cretaceous season 3 and will probably contain every new dinosaur and the new hybrid that is going to show up. Then we have 2.9 in June so we probably will get 3.0 around late July and it’s probably gonna be a big major update like 2.0

I think you’re right. Maybe 3.0 will be an aquatic update. It’s fine of we don’t get new creatures in 2.7, maybe just arena rebalancing and a few nerfs and buffs.


After 2.9 will come 2.10; just like after 1.9 there was 1.10.

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Could be. Even if 2.10 will be major

Yeah 2.9 doesn’t mean 3.0 comes next. It can go on 2.10, 2.11 etc.

As for 2.7 no-one has said it will be a minor update.

Unless you are just referring to minor/major in terms of patch numbers not content.


Yeah, they’re had better be some major changes well before we get to 2.10.

Top 3 off the top of my head:

  • Trophy bloat by allowing matchups of anyone in Shores (lack of equal competition)
  • Cunnings need rework (lack of variety/strategy)
  • Slowness/jittery phone overheating (lack of functioning phone)

We can talk enhancements like water creatures/new abilities/fixes to broken ones (cough Swap In cough cough) but if those 3 aren’t fixed I don’t know if it’s worth it as those are driving people to not play at all.


I really hope it’s a aquatic update too!

I really couldn’t care about aquatics in fact I’d be quite happy if they never came at all.

Instead please concentrate on fixing the game first and making it enjoyable to play again .


Why are you hurry to see 3.0?
To see more mistakes or failures?

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Because i am 75% sure 3.0 is gonna have aquatics

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I’m 50% percent sure, because if rebalancing doesn’t happen before 3.0, rebalancing would make an epic 3.0 update

I would assume we don’t get aquatics until everything like the arena, creatures, and bugs are fixed, or at least I don’t want aquatics until all that’s fixed. As well as bug fixes and all that. I am not as certain as you are about aquatics, since there’s literally been no information or probabilities or leaks or anything about this stuff anywhere, unless you have some solid evidence or something, but I would hope ludia just adds aquatics until they fix all the problems being experienced rn


fix the many problems with the game first to make it enjoyable before even discussing aquatics. a relatively good expansion could easily be soured by the current horrible game design.


i think 3.0 will have aquatics cuz aquatics would keep the game going several updates over, imagine aquatic raids when there are enough dinos in it. However, I would like the remainder of 2.0 to be a bug fixing and arena rebalancing update. maybe add some new dinos. If there going to fix this game rebalance shouldn’t come only every 2 updates, especially since there are 2 metas right now which is a catastrophe

Nah I’d rather not have aquatics in the game at all at least not in the current state the games is in at the moment and has been for time .

Aquatics I fear will break the game even more if they come in 3.0

I think aquatics would have their own arena

I feel like it would be nice to have it be like JP Builder where its it own separate little game tab thing with its own map, arena, viewing thing etc
but again, I hope for no aquatics until what we have the problems being experienced rn are fixed

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OMG! THIS! A thousand times this…

Why ask for new features when the features they have don’t work.
It would renew my faith in Ludia if they actually spent the next two updates doing nothing but fixing bugs.

Raid invites that you don’t have to reboot for… the 15 minute video incubator speed up just got broken on Apple phones, memory leaks that slow down the game, crashing to desktop every half-hour, Instant Invulnerability that disappears without having an opponent hit it, a really poor message system that has been virtually useless for two years, lack of alliance management tools for the leader, and on and on and on…

This game could be huge, if they would just fix what they have.