3.0 when?

2.0 released after 1.14 so will 3.0 release after 2.14? If so we could be looking at 3.0 sometime next month. If I had to guess it would probably be mid April.


If we follow the current pattern
2.15 late April /early may
2.16 (potential jw dominion update) late june/early July
2.17 August
2.18 October
2.19 November /December (usual winter update release)
3.0 January /February
So 3.0 should arrive after early 2023


What do you mean current pattern? 2.0 released was the update after 2.14 so it would make sense for the update to be released next month

No 2.0 was before 2.14. The one that introduced mortem

I don’t feel like ludia is planning something big right now, maybe they are but it’s hard to tell

But seeing a 2.15 would be very cursed since the 1.0’s only went to 1.14 and not 1.15


I’d assume we’re going to get 3.0 probably in Summer, maybe July or August, somewhere there seems fitting since that’s what happened with 2.0, which released in Summer 2020, I believe.

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2.0 was released because of major changes to the game. Until such is needed again, I don’t think we’ll see a 3.0 update. With the changes to google maps at the end of the year, it would not surprise me if the game got a change then but that’s just a guess.


What changes?

Google are stopping any support to Google Maps for games as I understand it. It might mean that AR games like JWA that use Google Maps may have to use something else for the map side of things.

Google Maps details


Quick someone make a good knock off of google maps!
I can’t lose another one, not after Jurassic Park Builder. :cry:


I really don’t think JWA is going to disappear. JPB vanished most likely because there was no need for two Jurassic park sims. In this instance, it would just be a case of updating to a new map system. A quick Google search reveals that there are many potential options out there. I wouldn’t worry.


Oh, thank you for telling me, I was worried.

You mean early 2023 or late 2022?

I think he did a typo and meant to type early 2023.

The only big change worth a 3.0 patch is aquatics or a really big arena system change.
Aquatics arent coming 2022 and everything else is just speculation.

Id like to get a updated arena but i think we wont get a big change soon.
Lets see what the next small roadmap will tell us.


Yes i mean early

I feel like 3.0 might come with the release of Dominion…just guessing.