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3 active players, from 4.500 to 5.500

We are 3 in our Family playing all week seeking a new alliance!

We all play every day and are loyal to the alliance!

We are YndoRaptor, Naxoraptor and Maryndes

We could make room for you in our alliance (Dinomite Fight Club), if you’re still looking for one. We’re a semi-casual alliance with a lot of active players and most of us play daily. The only things we ask is participation in every tournament and respecting the themes of a couple of our sanctuaries. Weekly reward tiers are usually 8/8.

Hi! Do you have any sanctuaries in high level?

Sharpshootasaurus has 2 lvl 20 sancs

Not really, no. So if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re unfortunately probably not the right place.

Many active players?

It’s not a dealbreaker - important with generous members and active-how are you doing on the weekly?

We did 10/8 6 weeks in a row and went down to 9/7 cuz ppl were let go for inactivity or taking advantage of the alliance

Do you guys use discord?

We’ve managed 10/8 recently thanks to the giga scents, before that we were a steady 8/8 alliance.

Same here.

@MushMouth01 We want to join u guys! The other players are active but it’s only me on discord, is that OK?

We are family so i’ll make sure they get all messages :slight_smile:

BoneRaptors can make space for active players…discord is required…we are 9/8 8/8 alliance and have 2 level 20sanctuarys…just let me know

Hi! We are a family but it’s only me on Discord, is that OK?

Sorry, join who? Was that for me or MushMouth01? We’ve a discord too, but joining is not mandatory.

If you can instruct your family…no problem

Is it possible for them to get discord?

U still looking for an alliance u could join my alliance we have 2 lv 20 sanctuaries rank 154 in alliance tournaments and our name is international dinos u just need discord and as I saw u do add me in discord MegalodonGamer#6965 before u request plz for me to give u the leader discord and we also vote for which creatures we want in the sanctuaries

Aw… I’m only in rank 400. Is that bad or ok?

In wat? Alliance tournaments