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3 and Out

Test of Might (no surprise).

My Team:
First: 4 10s with legendary gear and stacked. It was over for me quickly
Second: 4 11s. Over pretty quickly as well
Third: 4 10s. No real fight for my opponent there either.

Now the game wants shards for me to continue with Test of Might. LOL. So I can go 3 and out again? What total BS. This is why I rarely play this trash. It is often a total waste of my time. There needs to be a Forfeit button so I don’t have to waste my time waiting to lose and for the match to end. It’s bad enough it takes way too long to even start a match.

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Yea! It’s a dead game now! While I love the game the customer support is awful. I lost 250 gems when I “bought” a return to Harvestshield but when it siding work and I reached out CS would just close my conversation! And as too pvp the norm is now to go against characters (like the paladin) who in my most recent pvp hit death ward 9x! Of course mine did not. That shows you how far ahead I was to winning that game until that happened.

Just happened again. It’s the norm! Paladin just constantly hits deathward and then takes out 4 characters. So stupid!! But never addressed, how is that fun!?

I think you mean Cleric, Halbenet? It is pretty rough when he is last alive. You really have to beat the opponent to the middle and keep thier Hal out of the middle and hope to burn him out with arena fire. Easier said than done most the time and initiative order plays a big part. Other things you can try to do is equip Cori with Silver hand weap and steal away his deathward. Joppa’s restore spear will wipe it away as well. Nerfing his damage with Farideh Rare helm at max abilities (-75% ATK) can help unless they take a turn off and restore the ATK debuff he deals less damage and heals less back with drain life. And even forcing them to take one turn off to restore can help. Dominate him with Calli or Run your Pikel into the middle so when Halbenet attacks he gets dominated and the deathward won’t go to his squad it goes to yours.

Test of might are pointless anyways save your sanity by avoiding them. The real thing is the game just takes a lot of time to develop your toons unless you spend a ton of real world $. So just keep grinding challenge mode and increasing your toons gear. Not much point in going higher than Labyrinth league in Normal PvP the rewards aren’t much better and it only makes your PvP event battles way harder.

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