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3 attempts for a rare?


I didn’t realizeyou only have 3 attempts? That’s not really fair.


I agree. I thought there would be a bonus but…you do get a higher level rare.


I wish I’d seen as well. 3 Attempts isn’t much. I’m 3 dna short.
I understand trying to keep it rare but at least let us get one. Not level it but just have it in the collection.


Ehh… I kinda feel differently. I like the difficulty, this way not everyone who happens to walk to the park just gets one for sure… Aim carefully kinda thing.


I didn’t know the event was happening. Had I known I would have tried. Now I am like 7 points away from getting it? That’s just torture.


Yeah it sucked that I did so badly as well but I’m happy I got dozens of DNA for nothing (compared to usally)


I agree that 3 attempts for the rare was low - maybe 4 or 5 would have been better…?


6 or 8 attempts would of been better considering. Epic is 3 and more desirable so rare so be more attempts. It means nothing about the cooldown spawn time. I can literally go to a place with over 20 stops so what good does it do me?