3 common strike towers at once = far fewer special event drops


So sticking special event drops all over the place was a genius idea but less genius was the idea of giving us an event with 48 attempts at commons over two days while also adding 3 common strike towers.

I usually have 10ish special event drops around my neighbourhood. I took a 1½ hour walk with my dogs and found 3 in a much larger area, reaching outside of my neighbourhood, but lots of the same strike towers, everywhere. I know you don’t want people to miss out on these strike towers but calm down on the amount, please XD

Could we please have the treasure chest coding added to the strike towers where they disappear after completion and turn into either a special event drop again or just a normal drop? Or hardcode which towers stay special event towers so they don’t overwrite and switch places constantly? Just a bit of consistency.
I know this is a special case since we’ve never had the special drops all over the place


So much agree with this. Strike towers shouldn’t compete with even drops. At least make the strike towers disappear after completing them.

Also, I like that event drops are everywhere now, but could they also please be concentrated at parks again? It was nice being able to go to a park and count on getting a bunch of event dinos within walking distance. Now it feels like we have to drive everywhere.


I’ll agree here, I did a 1.5 hour walk… One velociraptor. But never had to stop to do multiple strike events at the same tower because I passed a hundred of them.


I agree, yet again my park with 17 event drops only had 4 event drops and 4 strike towers and the rest orange drops. My other park that sometimes has 4 event drops had none but had 2 of the same strike tower.

I mean why have 2 of the same strike tower right next to each other when you can only do one anyway.


I think it is better if they are not concentrated at parks. At least where I am living there are no places being considered parks. So having them spawn like that at least allows people without parks nearby to participate, getting event creatures in walking distance.

Although I agree about the strike towers.


The event is junk third repeat before many incubators have been run once. The event is zone 2 dino’s with Galli and Owen Raptors. As I’m in zone 2 get more not leaving the house.

But let’s hope Ludia sort it out before they run a decent event. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Strike towers should be a subset of battle arena. They shouldn’t be geo located because they are duplicates anyway. It’s not like you can do the 50 of them out there so the whole idea of walking up to the spawn point becomes redundant anyway.

Also, I’d rather they charge me 15$ a month for VIP benefits and STOP with the scent strike missions. Literally all I’ve gotten are 5min scents that I can’t hold bc I do my strikes during the day and use my scents at night… thus I’m already at 2/2 so it’s wasted. An event should not be giving me what I can get by spinning a supply drop anyway. Not much of an event.


Nearly no SESDs here too. Have never been able to complete this event before because there are no parks near where I live and by the looks of it won’t be completing it this time either.


One of mine couldn’t decide whether to be a Supply Drop or a Stike Event. So it went with both :laughing:


Haha insult to injury


Now throw a flyer into the mix, what would you get when you tap?


I think we need BOTH global event spawns (for people that don’t live near a park) and the park event spawns (so people don’t have to drive all over town and can enjoy a nice AR experience walking through their local parks collecting dinos pretending it’s Jurassic Park).


Not really sorry you feel that way, but since everyone doesn’t live in zone 2, not everyone has a great shot of always getting the dinos in there.

Personally, even though its the second repeat of the event, I’m enjoying the chance to get some additional Pyroraptor DNA as I’m sure others are.


Strike Towers… strike towers eeeeverywhere… used to ha e at least 2-3 event towers among them. RIP my beautiful event towers… you will be remembered!


Same boat here. Makes events with 48 cap kind of useless, can spend hours to try to find 10 of what you want. 48 raptors? Not unless you can play for 48 hours straight.


It’s gonna be pain when winter comes. We have very small jwa community here in Finland and I know for a fact that most of them will quit playing when winter comes, because there is way less event stops than it used to when 1.4 became live. Strike towers take their spots and it is so hard to play this game during cold winter. Who knows, maybe even I will quit even though I played pokemon go alot during winter times.


Dont lie, It’s always winter in Finland… (From Canada… So same here)


Haha, so true. Winter is already here and has been since from the beginning of time… it’s freezing over here. It’s impossible to play this game and get good amount of dna with touchscreen gloves or pencil. And when trying to collect 48 certain dinos during 48 hours so that you can stay competitive… it’s just ridiculous. Most here will quit.


I noticed this too. So stupid. I really need the raptor and galli DNA and there’s no way I’ll get all 48 like this.


Trying to getting the raptor dna I need when there’s loads less spawns and the rain is covering my screen isn’t the most fun I’ve had playing this