3 desperate changes needed


Gday Ludia, hey gamers…

I absolutely love this game, but of recently it’s more of a frustrated addiction than any real enjoyment. I love the battles, the catching and the exercise, however these need to be changed please x

  1. I need a radar or something to find epics in the wild… I walk for hours everyday playing this game and I rarely ever see epics and when I do it’s always the same… I don’t drive I walk and I need infinitive to do so… it can be minimal as - just say there is an epic in this direction and I would walk for miles looking for it.

  2. the battles are suppose to be strategic… But the stun effect means someone can op a team on luck… it should be a hard decision for a player to choose a stun tactic ie - this attack is low but I could potentially stun them and get a second turn… not this attack is strong with a high chance of stun with my strong duno… the battles are bieng decided on luck and not skill which makes no sense to me.

  3. Hackers are a real threat and unfortunately they will always be around. If a tournament is truly fair than you need to someway sort people… I Suggest make tournaments based on player level instead of arena… 10 can vs 10 ext. if hackers want high level Dino’s than they will cluster in the level 20 arenas.

Please and thankyou Ludia xx
P.s give me an oviraptor…


I love the reasoning behind #3, especially when added to the likely outcome re: hackers.


I respectfully disagree…If a player is completely riding on their luck and RNG to win matches, then yes, that’s neither rational nor reasonable. However, a skilled player with decent creatures can use the possibility of RNG-induced stuns to strengthen their strategy.

Tbh, I think it really depends on how you look at it, and for what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to try and read into what your opponent is doing when they attack—capitalize on their mistakes, and upend their strategies with your own. RNG will help a player win some battles, but not all battles.

When you’re at a stalemate in the arena, yeah, it’ll seem like RNG and luck play a bigger role in your wins and losses than strategies do. But don’t overthink it…level up your team and develop new strategies—like with new SIAs, for example. :slight_smile:


If only they listen :sob:


I tried to suggest 3 times, but kept getting “flagged” for review for suggesting that all dinos in new tournament be set to the same level…like friendly battles with consequences. It weakens cheaters and puts everyone on a more equal playing field. Ironically, the poll sent by Ludia today suggested just that. Sorry for hijacking your thread. Just frustrated.