3 Epic Strike Towers Next Week (Love it!)

I like this. I like the challenge of figuring out which dino’s to use and how nervously shaky I get as I’m battling… and of course the excitement when I win.

I am wondering though when they will decide to add a 3rd level 30 in these boss strike towers. I remember when I could just barely beat the single level 30’s when these towers started.

With the growing higher level teams, I would think we’ll see 3 level 30’s soon. I can see it is time for a bigger challenge. I can’t say I could beat those yet but I would certainly try. I would like to see 3 of these level 30 strike towers each week and have 1, 2 and 3 level 30 challenges. If anything, these are a good test of our teams and strategies.

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No i disagree. We dont need more than 2. True for some its easy but for most its a gamle. Only top 500 would have a chance.

Just case in point when we had the 2 level 30 dilourano and unique of itself many reported ths randomness of which came out 1st. Therefore how could you truly strategise? Unless all your dinos where high enough in level


What? Are you complaining about having more epic strike tower? Lol


Why complain? You dont have to do it. Its free to try once. Why take away from other players just because you lost one or more. Not to be rude but I really don’t understand complaining about more potential FREE epic incubators.


I’m far from the top 500 and only lost one dino on the dilorna tower. It was pure luck and I took advice, but I beat it. It is fun learning, planning and giving it a try knowing there is nothing to lose.

Well, with two dino’s, you plan your first dino that would be a good match for either one and then based on which came first after you start, you have a strategy to which you would send out next whether the first survived or not.

Of all epic strike events, I’ve only lost and gave up on 2 so far and done all the epic ones. As my team is slowly growing, it gets easier. Of course an easy battle is nice when they come but I can see it getting time to pull a level 30 trio to pump up the challenge a bit for the top end players.

I doubt I would beat a level 30 trio at this point but to see how far I could get would be fun.

I get extremely mad when I lose at those epic strike towers!.. But of course I want more and more of them! Love the challenge =D

Level 30 trio seems a bit too much though… That would be viable only for top level players… unless maybe if it were three commons.


Hmm you need to re-read the context and not jump to conclusions. I was disagreeing not complaining. My point isnt that i dont appreciate that they are free or that I lost! I won that round but it went more for me than against. What I am saying is most players from the bottom of top 500 down would have no chance against a level 30 trio. That strike event would be for the absolute elite. That is why I am disagreeing. With 2 level 30s even lower ranked players have a chance. That way they can grow too.

Obviously it isnt black and white. But depending on what they chose would depend on wether we could succeed.

I disagree, I’m far from top 500. (Normally sit about 44-4500 and it can be a challenge depending on the Dino.

I would prefer strike towers to epic spawns as it’s more of a challenge