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3 ideas for Andrewtops fix

Genuine suggestions for Andrewtops to become more used in battle.

Lockdown passive: because Andrewtops relies heavily on revenge, swapping in is often not used which makes its swap in lockdown somewhat negligible

Precise move: Andrewtops is often helpless when an enemy uses dodge/cloak. This is only an issue due to how it is considered a wild card, but lacks aspects that can be considered solely resilient.

The last is simply an armor and health buff, which would be significant even if the moveset did not change

Would love to hear your input on these ideas


First one is not bad, should be the only unique with an on escape this update. The second one is a direct nerd, PI is one of the worst moves in the game. The third one is ok, I think it needs a mix of all of these, given it’s the only unique made with an exclusive yet it’s worse than Phoru and Indot.


Here is my idea:


Really like this idea, probably the best one here for a fix

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