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3 Level 20 sanctuaries | Max weekly awards (10/10) | Max championship awards | Help with Raids

  1. Level 20 sanctuary
    We have 3 L20 sanctuaries
  2. Maximum weekly awards
    We are a 10-10 alliance
  3. Maximum championship awards
    We crossed tier 9 in the just concluded tourney
  4. Guidance and DNA donations
    We have a great team with players who helps and guides each other
  5. Raids
    We keep track and try to help all the team mates to complete raids that includes 10+ MortemRex wins

If you love battling in the PvP arena & tournaments and are OK with some sanctuary rules, message me and we can talk. Discord use is mandatory as we would like to communicate regularly and grow together as a team.

Message me if you wish to make a positive change in the your gaming experience
or you can send me a message on discord AKR#6477
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