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3 month's progress

Here is my next showing of my game. 3 month exactly from start:

Actual Tournament score (, Battle for Indonimus Gen 2)

Also park oasis came back and have some nice VIP lagoons and science centers


Dannggg, 3 month as in starting from lvl 1?

Yep, from beginning of the game (12. March)

Nice :grin: :ok_hand:


Good progress :clap: :+1: :ok_hand:
I think u play the game like me

These r the creatures i use for tournaments

My current score in the indominus rex gen 2 tournament

I made isla nublar for dinos

And isla sorna for buildings
And the resources I have been saving too
I started this game like 6 months ago

Nice numerous backup in lineup

Are your battles hard with the 3 irexes lvl 30 at the top?

Oh nonono I have a mission to have irex lvl 40 so before 9 to 10 days I had lvl 10 indominus gen 1 and lvl 20 indominus gen 2

But u could say it
Yea my battles r hard

The level 1 Indoraptor has less Ferocity, so after you collect the reward for the level 40, fuse the Indoraptor. But don’t do it until you’re ready. I waited at that Mission for a little over a year before I decided to pull the trigger.


Oh ok thanks dude

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line up update with Indominus


nice lineup @Lucky14! :ok_hand:

Hi. This is my top team. Should I add one more level 20 VIP herbivore (Stygi) or I should wait for one more lvl 20 ptero and amphibian first?

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