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3 more to go, atleast until 1.6


Finally created Tryko today! Found a good L3 farming spot today and got Erlik to 19 +289, Purro, Grypo, and Rajakylo are almost 20 too… Slow going, but I have been able to make several Uniques in the last month, and thanks to some good fuses got them to decent levels! Really want that Erlidominus tho!


So jealous!!


Where? In L5?

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No I wish I lived in L5. The college I used to Pokemon hunting at is L3. Decent at least popped 3 scents got 3 Erliks, 2 from 1st, 1 from 2nd, and a couple Rex, 2 Spino g2 and a Bary. It’s just more convenient than other L3 zones around me that are mainly around highways and neighborhoods that I can’t just ride around.