3 new classes

as you well know, in 2.3 gorgotrebax is cunning, but it can counter cunning’s and that’s why I came up with a idea 3 new classes:

  • Cunning-anti-Cunning
  • Fierce-anti-Fierce
  • Resilient-anti-Resilient


  • Kelenken, Grylenken and phorusrhacos (cunning-anti-cunning) with raking claws they can counter cunning in a certain way.

  • Edaphosaurus, secodontosaurus and magnapyritor
    which have resistance to “rending” and can counter the ferocious in a certain way

  • Titanoboa G1 and G2, Woolly rhino and Diplodocus to be resilient, it has high damage (except boa g2), very good resistances, which helps it to stand and counter other resilience

what you think about?
  • Yes
  • No

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Interesting idea. However I don’t think too many creatures should get these classes.

Kelenken, Grylenken and Phorusrhacos could be considered Cunning Resilient. Diplodocus is Resilient Fierce.

The rest only beat others of their own class incidentally.


It would be a “very rare” class to achieve, which means that it will not be mastered and there will be some in this class

I know, but this is an idea that went through my head, it makes sense but it has flaws

do you mean cunning resilient, cunning fierce and fierce resilient?

@Earlidominus no. I mean cunning, resilient, fierce cigars that can counter its same class