3 pack of dinos

Ive been playing this game for awhile now with nothing too out of reason with me. But these 3 packs of little dinos is getting old. Why in the heck does a pack of 3 not lose their strength in all aspects when the members start dying? There is no way a single compy should be able to inflict the same damage as all 3 compys. Thats stupid and thought that would be a plain as day fix. And same goes the other way, why cant i get a critical hit and kill more than one compy ? No matter how hard you hit them they die one at a time! Another simple fix but i guess not. Game was fun until the game became about the packs of 3 doing ridiculous stuff!! I can’t be the only person who is thinking like this!?


This. And the fact that they can constantly heal AND no cool down on priority move. Just dumb.

Happy to help a new player,this pack of 3 Dino’s are r called “flocks” and they have an ability known as absorb,which means when u hit it unless the attack “targets all opponents” it will just lose one.Also their pretty balanced in the competitive meta but I don’t know