3 people looking for alliance

Im looking for a new alliance with a couple of mates. We’re all active players, UK based and have 4000+ trophies (lvl 19, 16 and 14). Ideally we are after an alliance that takes the tournaments fairly seriously as our previous alliance didn’t make too much of an effort.


Hi can you DM me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 please, it’s easier to talk there

Tjc2019 is taking new members

Hello! If you would like, you could check our ad then DM me here or on discord! All the information is on there:

Would you like to join my alliance? SpittersUnited is the name, we have a discord as well, I put further information recently

You could join JWA Paleontology.

Message me if interested (MINMI#4136)

If you need a good alliance I’m in one that is quite dedicated and all you have to do is get the 10 kills in the tournament per week and we always get tier 9 incubators and our weekly ones are always gold or diamond it’s called swords of the great purge it has a cheesy description so you’ll know it when you see it you have to be lvl 15 to join at least