3 people looking for an Alliance

Hey everyone!
2 friends and I are looking for a relatively active and friendly alliance. We are all in the states.

Please note:
We are a package deal.
I use discord, they don’t use it much. We also use telegram.
We are levels 20, 18, and 14
I’m active everyday, they’re casual players.

Panic is looking and we’ll take all 3 as long as you’re active. PM me

They’re casual, I’m active everyday

Asta if the above falls through we would love you to check us out at JWA MISSOURI. We have a great mix of casual and active. Let me know thanks

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Will do. :3

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Asta are you still looking for an alliance? I’ve just set up a new alliance called LittleFoots so have plenty of spaces for players of all experiences :slight_smile:

We’re good right now, thank you. :slight_smile:

If youbare still looking for an alliance, join to “tera nova titan”