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3 players needs clan

Hi… We are 3 active players. 5000, 3600 and 2500 bp.
We need a clan who accept the 3 of us. If the clan is bilingual much better.
If you are interested, please tell me something about your clan.

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Hi there, please come and join ‘Sons of Odin’. We range from BP2700 ~ 4769. Will need the help when 2 star alpha comes.

We are only 5 members now but I will be actively managing member count to ensure that everyone gets to hit the alpha in the future.

Hi canoning.
8 people… Still few… we look a clan a little bigger

What is your purpose joinning a clan ? You guys are friend ? First time join clan ?

If you still search for a Clan-> Schattendrachen Clan

Me ist the whole Clan, I’m nearly 4700bp … while fighting against a alpha I get it down 50-80% by my self… but I’ll never win if I stay alone - so all of you are welcome to join.

@peludeitor Of course I will recruit more people in the future.
The problem is, with too many people the alpha dies very fast and some people don’t get rewards.

@AlexanderAngelus , feel free to join us as well. with your BP you can hit top 3 rankings for good rewards.

@Canoning I would wait until weekend… if I have no members at that point, would your invide count?

Sons of Odin is a great name, I wouldn’t forget :wink:

@AlexanderAngelus, thanks! I was surprised the name was not taken yet hahaha.

And of course you are welcome to join whenever :slight_smile:

You kill all the alfas until now?

You can join Fenix ita se are glad to have with us

If the 3 of you are still looking for a clan, Castlemanor would definitely welcome you!! We currently have 7 members…one from France, so our chats are in both English and French.
Hopefully we will see you in a future Alpha battle!

Hello! You can join my clan “Blitz und Tod”. I’m at 5100+ at the moment, so let’s beat the Alphas together. The clan language is English and German. Take care and I hope you’ll join my clan :wink:

Join us. Egersund. Our name came from local Town in Norway. We need good and strong players. Welcome to us.

Hi you can join FighterZ we are new and trying to grow, everyone in the clan is active and friendly we get along very well

Already found a clan? Am running Wargs which is pretty much full but we can make some room by removing some lower players (most are above lvl 20). Myself am at 6000 BP+