3 rounds for Woolly Mammoth? Really?

Many of us on the Forums are saying 3 raid bosses a day are too many, especially those who like to help everyone in their alliance get the bosses done so end up raiding multiple times a day. So instead we get an Epic that takes even longer than the Legendary?
Yes it’s an easy boss to beat, but ultimately it does take longer than it should being over 3 rounds.
Please consider spreading these bosses out over the weekend, not everyone is obsessed by the tournament and many of us have these things called “jobs” or “full time education” during the week. And chill out on the amount of rounds each boss has. They’re taking so long to not only complete for myself, but also help my alliance members, I’m struggling to find time to also do my daily missions, strikes, fill incubator slots etc


Yeah, I think all the extra rounds are just unnecessary. But if you want to beat it faster, try 3 Thyla’s and a Spinotahraptor. Each round ends in 1 turn that way.


Cheers, yeah it looks easy enough with the right dinos at least

I’m starting to call JWA Dino Clicker.
Cookie Clicker was also a time waster of note :joy:

That’s how you create “content” out of thin air :wink: Ever since raids were introduced, the trend is for the rounds to go higher and rewards to go worse