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3 Scorpious rexes

in camp cretaceous at the last part there was a growl and i think it is a third scorpious rex

Could be anything really.

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honestly, this will make the series repetitive, I believe it’s a small carnivore or herbivores

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Troodon brothers!!


if you go back to the very last episode of Camp Cretaceous ( season 3 ) just after the end credits start rolling up the screen there is a shot where the camera pans sideways and there hidden amongst the wreckage of the building that just collapsed is a nest with at least 5 or 6 eggs in it, the eggs have little spikes sticking out of them giving us the possibility they are Scorpious Rex eggs meaning the scorpys were able to create a batch of eggs before the parents were killed in the last minutes of season 3 giving rise to the possibility we will in fact see a season 4 of Camp Cretaceous !

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Where did you find that? I watched the end credits again and didn’t see it anywhere.

where was this? I re-watched the episode and there was nothing like that, no after credits thing at all

The 2 scorpius rexes we see aren’t exactly parents or mates as far as I can tell, one is the original frozen one and the other is the offspring of that one since the og can supposedly reproduce asexually so they can’t have mated and have been parents since they appear to hate their own species.

and season 4 is inevitable with what they gave us, aka the thing stuck in the boat

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it must have been the monolophosaurus

It’s probably a normal carnivore dino that I’m guessing will crash the boat?..

that will make them go to isla sorna!yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!