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3-Shot Sino

As we do these raids more, many of us are having fun finding new strategies to beat the boss in as few turns as possible. I found this strategy effective on Sino tonight:

2 Irritators, 2 Indominus Rex 2

Irritators: RTC, SS, GT
Indom1:Cloak, APR, MF
Indom2:MF, Cloak, APR

3 turns, the boss was defeated.

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What levels? All 30s? o.O


ten characters

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Very nice!

I am just releived that we can now get creative. It’s like Ludia has given us puzzles that we all have to solve together. This is way better than PvP. Long overdue. Thank you so much Ludia!


Using 4 Indoms works too,

Turn 1: 2 Indoms MF, 2 Indoms Cloak
Turn 2 : Cloaked Indoms APR, MF Indoms Cloak
Turn 3: Cloaked Indoms APR, other 2 MF

Dead Sino.

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It seems to me that any combo of Irritators and Indoms (except four Irritators) Can get the job done.