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3 star rare dragon eggs

Thought I would give my opinion. 12 hours seems a little ridiculous. By the time you get to the upgrade to hatch a 3 star dragon we pretty much have them all already. Then why wait 12 hours when I can hatch 3 2 stars for less money and eggs and it only takes an hour and a half. I say three 2 stars cause that’s about the equivalent of what a 3 star will level up a dragon of any significance. Probably only 2 will do the same. Certainly doesn’t seem worth the cost and wait


Hatching a specific color 2* dragon costs 10 eggs, 3k coins, a 1-star scale and takes 30 minutes.

Hatching a random 3* dragon costs 50 eggs, 30k coins and takes 12 hours.

Hatching a specific color 3* dragon costs 50 eggs, 60k coins, one 2-star scale, and takes 16 hours.

I agree with you that the time requirement for hatching 3* dragons is too long.

The other big problem is how difficult it is to obtain dragon scales.


I was always giving that 3* hatching a funny look because something about it didn’t sit right with me.

Beyond the obvious ridiculousness of costs expected.

It would make sense that hatching a 3* all willy nilly would and could be unbalancing if lower level/entry players had immediate access to it. But @AlphaAva is right and the thing is, is that they don’t.

You only have access to the 3* hatching spots at much higher levels (was it level 36? 38?). And at this point in the game it is far, far more likely that you have a healthy roster of 4* dragons, maybe even a few 5* (if at the very least, the event dragons). It’s even more likely that you have plenty of the 3* maxed out, if not all of them.

So…any 3* you obtain at this point are probably being used for fodder. I know that’s what I’m doing with my extras. And honestly it’s not like they’re getting me very far. They’re pretty much what 2*s were for me in terms of leveling up, only now with higher tier dragons.

I’m not saying that 3* should be brought down to the requirements of 2*s. But, in my opinion, I feel they should definitely be reduced a great deal. Especially with time and coins. And eggs, I suppose, with how they’ve gotten so unbalanced with this last update.

So…I’m pretty much echoing what @AlphaAva has already said. :woman_shrugging:

Could we help the scale issue by having a ‘Hatch A Random 2* Dragon’ ? That way it doesn’t cost scales? It seems odd that we have a random 1* and 3* but not for 2*. That could very well be the sole cause of the scale drain.


I might be mistaken, because it was changed months ago. But I think the first Hatching spot gave a random 1* or 2* Dragon. This was changed so that it now only gives a random 1* Dragon.

So, I really doubt that Ludia is going to put it back.

But, you have a really good point regarding the levels. When you finally get high enough level to hatch 3* dragons you don’t care about them any more.


No, you’re correct. Originally it was a random draw of 1* or 2* dragons.

But if it were something separate all its own, they could have an increase of resources required, I think. I don’t think it should be put back to the way it was.


I’d gladly take the 1* in lowest draft back in exchange for the random 2* from 1st level breedery

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I think what @Mysterious means is that we get an extra spot for random 2 stars.
When they changed the first breeding spot to 1 stars only and the color ones that were for 1 and 2 stars to 2 stars only we lost the possibility of hatching random 2 stars. Nothing changing back but adding a spot, so everyone can hatch decent fodder without losing scales.


:point_up_2: Yep. That’s exactly what I meant.

We have a random 1* hatching spot, then RGBYP for 2* that depletes our scales, then a random 3* hatching spot, followed by RGBYP again, and then once more a random (Epic) 3-4* that, I assume, doesn’t cost any scales.

So it stands to reason we should have a 2* random hatching spot, right?


This will never happen because Ludia is all about milking every drop of money from their customers.

Ludia intentionally took away 2* random and made 3* difficult so they could justify sheep.

This was all done as a ploy to force customers to pay for ridiculous offers.


Be that as it may- and I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you about the greediness of corporate- this isn’t something that is purely about financial gain.

If they were to add this random 2* hatching spot, it’s absence something that is more and more seeming to be an oversight, it could negate the need to figure out how to balance out the entirety of the game itself with adding scales here and there either by means of frequency of their appearance in quests or amount, or how many they put in chests, or reward in the arena.

It would be a simple, single step instead of having to do many.

I understand where you’re coming from with the sheep, but their purpose is to level up dragons in large increments at a time, no matter the level of the dragon itself. That’s not something equal to random 2* dragons, and hatching still costs resources that could be used elsewhere, should you decide something else to be priority.

So, if you were someone that felt sheep were a wise investment for your money to begin with, having a random 2* hatchery shouldn’t make much of a difference.

In the end, players that are at the stage where they could use the 2* hatchery would still have to decide if they want to allocate resources to hatching (something that would cost coins), then leveling up (fish, and coins), or if they had a eased grip on their wallet they could simply purchase the sheep to quickly level up their dragons with a specific color on top of being at a quicker rate, and have coins to spare for training to the next star.

There’s still plenty of incentive for putting down money, should people have the money to spare or feel willing. And that’s just for the early players. There’s obviously more so for the more seasoned ones where 2* are a bit piddly in the leveling department.


Some very intelligent players have spoken if you are listening Ludia. A random 2 star hatchery should obviously be added. The 3 star hatchery needs to be modified time and requirement wise; and probably added at earlier levels where it is needed and makes more sense.

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I’ve never hatched one 3* because of the ridiculous cost and time.
I just do the 2* color ones to level up the skill of the dragons, so that i get a better chance.
Random 2* and 3* would be great and change the requirments of th 3* also.

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