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3 Step Epic Fierce Creatures Strike Event


Just waiting for a gameplay video from @Hersh :joy:


Always started with suchatator and distracted their big moves whether they came first or second. Most people should survive long enough to at least get a bleed in on the second guy before the Suchotator dies.


Glad to are the rewards are related :smiley:


Posted a gameplay video here
Gameplay - Fierce Creatures Strike Event


Alosaurus 1St during 2nd fight :wink:


It wasn’t difficult for me and my wife with our primary accounts but our second accounts didn’t survive the first group. We were in a rush and she had to get back home to go to work. We didn’t have time to put the thought into it. No biggy. There is next week.


I lost on the second step thanks to a lucky crit by Allosaurus. On top of that, Allosaurus wouldn’t get Stunned by my Paramoloch :confounded:

But after a second time, the crit didn’t happen, so my Para did survive a turn longer than before. Then I wrecked the rest of my team with Indom, so I reaped the benefits of my carnage xD