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3 strong/active players looking for new Alliance

Hi JW Community! My father, my wife and I - we’re all looking for a new alliance. We’ve unfortunately been holding the majority of the responsibility within our current alliance and we’re ready to join a group with more than 10 or 12 consistently active players. We’re a package deal, so please make sure you’ve got 3 slots available for us. All 3 of us play each day, we ALWAYS get the 10 alliance tournament takedowns and I typically fire 2k-3k darts a week, if the rewards are aligned with any of my needs!

Spencer, come check out Meanwhile in Mesozoic. We have some inactive team members and would welcome some new blood!

Yes! It looks like a really good group! You’ll be seeing requests from: Spencer12, BigSuperSpence, and Mikey. Sound okay?

Hi. if you want to join our alliance. MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337. you would be welcome

I’m making the room for you all now.

we still have room for you 3. we are looking for active players.

I appreciate it, but we joined up with Cipherland’s Alliance. Best of luck!

Do u have discord cuz that is required, we get rank 10/9 in missions, we are in rank 112 right at the moment if interested add me in discord MegalodonGamer#6965 and in game Megalodon360real#8855

Nvm didn’t saw ur message