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3 suggestions regarding resilient moves being too overpowered

As we all noticed, in update 2.0 many creatures gained at least one resilient move, which totally killed cunning creatures. Most meta teams have at least half of their teams with resilient creatures, which obviously means the game is imbalanced. To fix this I have 3 suggestions.

  1. As many people have mentioned before, instead of removing evasive abilities, let those attack go through them. This would make moves like cloak a lot more powerful and help dinosaurs with evasive stance as well (since they dodge multiple turns)
  2. This is a rather harsh one, since resilient strike has to be different from superiority strike, what about keep the dodge removal, but remove the speed decrease? (Keep the speed buff removal) Either totally remove speed decrease or maybe speed decrease 10% instead of 50%, that would still make some speed difference. And also since most of those resilient creatures has more moves that decelerates (sorry tryko)
  3. Buff the cunning creatures and dodgers, give them better abilities/better stats/shorter cooldowns on evasive or cunning strike gets stronger effects

If theres any more suggestions regarding resilient moves, please comment below


I agree with 1 and 3 but i think resilient moves should keep 50% speed decrease. Other than that:
Remove precise effect from all other slowing moves
And give resilient moves to way less creatures than now. This should help the imbalance too.


I agree. Right now evasive/dodge abilities are pointless.

I’m not sure why resilient moves were even necessary, given superiority strike is already precise now. Speedsters were give enough of a nerf with most losing full resistance to deceleration.
Resilient is overkill

I completely agree that resilient moves have imbalanced the game and rendered many unique creatures much less useful then they should be. I hope it is addressed soon

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Agreed, something needs to be done about resilient moves, too many dinos have it and again it does too much. I especially think cunning creatures need to be buffed, the recent update feels like they weren’t really focused on at all.

It’s kinda crazy that so many people complained about Cautious Strike for doing too much, but the moves in this update are almost all as bad as CS.

I agree with all of these, along with Isaah_Wii’s suggestion regarding number 2. Another one I would throw in there is buffing fierce creatures, the counters for resilients. Most of the best fierce creatures right now have one thing in common: they’re immune to deceleration. Why not let all fierce creatures have access to this by adding the ability to cleanse deceleration to fierce attacks? Fierce moves are already kind of underwhelming compared to their cunning and resilient counterparts, so why not add this to bring them up? And it would help with the redundancy of having vulnerable-immune creatures using fierce attacks when defense shattering moves are exactly the same minus the vulnerability removal.

As I mentioned in another thread, having dodge removal can be very important for certain raid bosses. So if they don’t want to touch that, maybe they could remove the cleanse distraction instead? The resilient icon doesn’t even reference distraction removal, and resilient counter attacks already don’t cleanse distraction. They should also give resilient attacks to far fewer dinos - most should probably just have superiority strike/impact/rampage(?) instead. I would still look into implementing the other suggestions though, like removing precise from other slowing moves, buffing fierce creatures, and maybe buffing cunning creatures (though I think the later is probably the least effective and has the greatest chance of backfiring).


Worse, CS at its height had six, Cunning and Resilient moves have six as well and are much more widespread

A buff to ferocious moves and creatures would be a great Idea since many of them are pretty weak now. All the creatures with group ferocious strike have gotten some advantages like the decel resistance but i feel their nerfs far outweight those advantages. Gorgosuchus for exemple got a bit more HP but was striped of it’s great damage output. Megalosuchus on the other hand got a massive hp nerf. Posto is another sad casualty, losing it’s strongest move to get the same group ferocious strike, why not give It group ferocious impact? All with very meh damage, they seem to be not so viable on the arena anymore, and surely could be made a bit better imo.
Although i disagree with resilient moves not cleansing distraction. The main purpose of the move is to be the biggest counter to cunning moves that distract, so removing the distraction cleanse defeats this purpose.

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A simple and short solution? Distribute it properly, I guarantee that youll likely find it in 70% of all creatures. Diversity we called for, and Ludia answers with the complete opposite of that. Just another part of what I’d like to call Ludia Logic

In one update, high level creatures like indo indo gen 2 and the erlidominus have been nerfed way too much. Had a lot of time in all 3, now they can’t win many fights

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Yeah, they did nerf a lot of fierce creatures. Their whole point is dishing out a lot of damage, so why nerf that??

I personally also think that resilient attacks should still cleanse distraction, I was just weighing the option. I would rather they alter the dodge removal. I would only remove it if they replaced most resilient attacks with superiority attacks instead, which DO cleanse distraction anyway.

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All of us here are smart to realize that resistant hits are worse than Indoraptor gen 2’s cautious assault and the funniest thing is that 7 unique level dinosaurs have this ability vs. 5 unique dinosaurs that have evasive abilities. If I don’t need to use sarcasm The resistant blow was created against dinosaurs that have evasive abilities and what a coincidence that those dinosaurs with evasive abilities can slow you down. If balancing this new ability traverse camouflage without removing it clean up distraction and slow down by 25% speed or traverse camouflage without removing it, clean distraction and eliminate slowing down of this new ability.

The worst mistake Ludia can make with this game is to create very versatile abilities. I like the idea that an ability does two functions at the same time but that it does more than three functions and in several dinosaurs. My opinion is that ludia organized the abilities according to the rarity of the dinosaur because Ludia listen to me you cannot put resistant blows to a large part of legendary dinosaurs in front of 5 legendary with evasive abilities and worse still 4 legendary dinosaurs with camouflage do not break shields or armor

Yeah, they could be precise but not remove the dodge effect. And many creatures that got those moves could get back their old slowing moves like Tenontorex with superiority strike, but without the precise effect. The precise effect on those other moves needs to be removed imo.