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3 things that should be done to raids

So overally, raids are an amazing and fun feature. They are far from perfect tho. There are many things that should be done to them, I have some ideas too. Not extending, check them out:


As you probably now, in 2.0 we have raids with bosses having epic or higher rarity. I think there should be common and rare raids too though. They may seem like a waste of time but:

  • Many commons and rares (like Archaeo, Posto, Tenonto, Iguano etc.) got a rework in 2.0, so they became weak in arena but useful (in theory) in raids. I understand it, it happened in higher rarities too. The problem is, they have no use. At all. In arena they are useless because of rework, while they also don’t have use in raids. Why? Because lowest rarity raid right now is epic, so of course these creatures are outclassed by their higher rarity counterparts. Creating common and rare raids would let them shine again.
  • Newbies should have their raids too. Not much to explain, they just also should be able to raid and receive rewards allowing them to progress.
  • As of now there are no raids on friday, saturday and sunday. While I understand the tournament argument, think about putting rare raid on friday and common raid on saturday. Newbies can’t participate in tournaments so they would have time for these raids, while experienced players wouldn’t lose much if they didn’t participate in these raids because of tournaments (tho I can’t imagine not having 10 free minutes to play a raid)
  • Common and rare raids could be a source of DNA that is exclusive now. Who wouldn’t want a Arctops, Nasuto or Quetz raid?
    This one is pretty obvious. There should be a way to communicate with other raiders ingame. Emotes aren’t a good way to do so…
    If not a raid chat, give us at least a lobby chat…
    (Tho this idea may be too difficult, remember alliance chat is still broken after 1.5 years haha)

    This idea is closely connected with the previous one. Without a chat it wouldn’t work well.

But why exactly do we need a raid finder? Because now if we want to raid, we have to have one of these:

  • An active alliance
  • Some real life friends
  • Some forum friends
  • Players in your vicinity (out of curiosity, anyone has some?)

While it may not seem challenging, not everyone (especially newbies) has anything from this list.

But the biggest problem for most of us isn’t having friends to play with. It’s having friends to play with at certain time. Sometimes when you log in, you want to raid but there’s no one online or able to raid. A raid finder would fix the problem.

What do you think?


I personally think its a good idea. I like the common and rare raids, who wouldn’t want to remember the days that their commons and rares were always used. A raid chat has been a demand, so we will see if Ludia adds it or not, hoping they do though. A raid finder would be awesome, because although there is the public option, what good is it when there is no one who plays JWA around? By adding this, you can now go into a raid, and have other people who are online and not near nor are friends be invited. If they implemented this, maybe it could scan the area for players in a 1000 meter area, or even farther if Ludia wishes. I love these ideas! Good work

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The thing is, you have to be campaign level 5 to even start doing raids, and most of the creatures in stage five are lvl 10+.

This requirement could be removed, I think it’s unneccessary. If Ludia made some commons raiders, it means they should have some use in raids


Ned is aware of this, and hopefully passed the info Ludia, but the main thing that has to be done in raid, is to put “online” player on top of your list. It’s so stupid to have to scroll 75 names to find those who are online for a raid… It does take us 30 seconds to organize who will participate in a raid in our alliance, then 5 minutes to find the 3 names in a list.


Needs an abort button when things go sideways and you know it’s a wrap.
I guess all 4 would have to click it to confirm.


If common raids were to replace a raid that’s worthwhile I’d be a bit peeved to be honest.

Rare raids for Argentinosaurus, Irritator and the like would be cool though.

I have to say that it’s only Mortem that’s inspires me even though I happily do plenty of the other 3 raids.

Hey Starlinger27, thank you for the suggestions!

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I love all three ideas. Raid chat would be so helpful. I actually had to resort to friending random people to get raiding partners. So if my only option to find people to raid with is to do it with complete strangers, I should at least be able to communicate with them, right?


I completely agree there needs to be a surrender button. It takes too long to play out a raid when you know your not going to win anyway and don’t want to go through the entire 20 turns. I don’t want to spend the time waiting to die.

As far as conceding, it could be that any remaining players whose creatures haven’t yet died can hit it. It would show over the creatures heads a white flag so the other players know and can also surrender.


I agree with all your suggestions there @Starlinger27

All very good and I would say required, additions to Raids,

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Also people besides the leader should be able to send invites

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Good ideas.

Ludia not thinking about them

I think only the host should be able to invite. If I start a raid, I know who my 4 players will be. I don’t want anyone to throw on another player and mess up my plan.

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I’m torn on letting other people send invites. On one hand, obviously the leader wants to control who they raid with. But on the other hand, there’s so many time’s where I’ve been invited to a raid that isn’t full, but I can’t sent invites to my online friends, so we end up losing. Maybe they could tie it to the private/public setting, like if it’s private only the host can send invites, but if it’s public then anyone can. And having the raid chat would make communication between the host and other players much easier- like “I’m out of online friends, can one of you send out some invites to some high-level players”. Or “I’m sorry, but I think you’re too low a level for this raid, and we won’t be able to win if you’re battling with us. If you don’t mind, could you please leave the lobby? I hope you understand”. Stuff like that could make this kind of a system work.


And maybe tell us how many raids a player had done

For what reason? :thinking:

Why does that matter?

So you can see if the alliance is good and weather you should join

Great idea!

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