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3 Things That Would be Reasonable and Cool to Add

  1. In the update they are changing how the drone system is by having 3 different modes but there’s one thing that they should have done: Up until I started playing this game (because it’s by far so much better😂) I played Pokémon go and a suggestion that they should add to the game is that when you click on the Dino in the wild it automatically goes in the screen to start it, instead of having to push that green button at the bottom. 2) Another Idea I had was being able to put a certain hybrid in some new location feature (like a sanctuary) but you slowly get both the creature’s DNA that produced the hybrid. 3) And last on my mind; for anyone that plays or knows what Clash Royal is, it would be cool if in this game you were able to request for Epic DNA one time every Sunday. (I would say an average cap for Epic DNA recurved on that day would be around 100 to 250 so it’s not too “over powered”)

Feel free to reply and share your opinions!

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Sometimes it’s necessary to tap on a creature you don’t necessarily want to dart, but having it go to the darting screen directly would definitely be very useful in certain situations.
Perhaps there could be a setting where it skips the launch button if activated, but you can deactivate it whenever you want. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Either way, I like the idea. I have missed darting dinos in the past because of how long it takes to zoom into the dino and tap on the launch button, so it would definitely make a difference.


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@Qaw Yes the thing I have to back up this suggestion is that even if you click on a Dino without wanting to dart it, if it went directly to the darting screen you can still press the back arrow at the bottom left which will bring you back to the map.

So in this case if you’re just tapping on a Dino to see how much DNA you have of it, then they should also add something at the top left or right corner that tells you how much of that DNA you have :slight_smile:


I have another suggestion:

Increase the spawn rate for event supply drops. This is a major issue atm.

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